Before There Was a Christmas Yet

Thursday, December 01, 2016


Everywhere we look we see
  Bright rows of stars on Christmas Eve;
  The darkness cannot but receive
Their light – even mistakenly
  Illuminating, to its fright,
  Their glorious display at night;

And in our homes, an irony,
  The Christmas symbol ever seen:
  The never-Fall, the evergreen,
The never-dying dies so we
  Can celebrate, amidst our strife,
  The blessings of a given life;

And underneath the Christmas tree,
  The gifts that everybody sees
  And wants to open early ("Please!")
Are purchased costly, given free;
  Though so long in their boxes trapped,
  One morning they will be unwrapped!

We see all this and yet forget
  The Light who shone into our depths,
  The Ever-Life who died our death,
  The Giver of immortal breath,
The God who chose to pay our debt
Before there was a Christmas yet.

Republished in 2017 at The Coffeelicious.

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