I Know Not Where I Go

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sonnet after Charles Spurgeon

I know not where I go, but know with whom
I brave these bleak and beauty-broken lands
And know that though he leads me through the tomb
Yet even there my life is in his hands;
Like Christ I cannot see around the bend
Of death except believe the Father’s call
And pour my life out, trusting him to mend
This tattered soul so ravaged by the Fall;
For all the paths of God will end in pure
Unmingled good to every heir of grace
And though the world would with its fires lure
Its warmth cannot compare to his embrace.
So lead me through the valleys when you must,
My Father — only this: help me to trust.

Based on Charles Spurgeon’s Evening, September 18.
Inspired by Steve Frank's poetry project Psalming Spurgeon.
Originally posted at This Glorious Mess. Photo by Robert Pastryk (public domain).

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