Love Me Like Pajamas Do

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Love me like pajamas do.
Let your familiar embrace
Erase all pretense;
Accept me as I am,
Morning breath and all.
Let the facades fall.

Stay close to me through all
Life’s dreams and nightmares.
Let the times of tossing and turning
That try to wear us down
Only make us more
Comfortable together.

Solace me on sick days.
Curl up on the couch next to me
And my ugly pile of tissues;
Blanket my back with warm
Unspoken whispers
That you are still by my side.

Welcome me at my most vulnerable.
Without a word of condemnation
Or comparison, quietly
Cover my nakedness;
Hold me through the darkness
Until the dawn of a new day.

Clothe me in your love anew.
There is no other I pursue!
Of course we’re an imperfect two
But love has always seen us through;
I’ll take you as you are, grateful you
Love me like pajamas do.

Originally posted at P.S. I Love You. Photo by Amy Jane Gustafson (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Inspired by Anna Breslin's imaginative Love Me Like Ordinary Things series.

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