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Seven years ago today I asked my best friend Christie to marry me. She said yes! I am so grateful for a wife who is not only beautiful on the outside, but who is gorgeous on the inside – faithful, forgiving, hilarious, wise, compassionate, and an amazing mom.

Here's a song I wrote to her back in 2013, shared with her permission.

I remember my life before you;
I wouldn’t go back,
And forfeit the chance to adore you,
The treasure I’d lack.
A beauty uniquely made
Like sunlight on the ocean’s waves,
And deep as the fathoms below.
I’d barely begun to behold:
You’re beautiful.

I remember the first time we kissed
Wearing these rings,
Of romance inside of commitment,
The sprouting of wings.
That day you walked down the aisle
In white put tears in my smile
And I knew but didn’t really know
How deep your true beauty goes.
You’re beautiful.

I remember the first time we looked
Into her eyes
And marveled that God made humans
That size.
Your beauty deepens with time
And to see you, my best friend and wife,
Showing forth the love that’s inside
To the ones with your hair and my eyes
Is beautiful.

I remember the times that I’ve looked
Into your eyes
And marveled that God made
Galaxies that size.
Your ever-deepening beauty,
God’s masterpiece given to me,
And for the rest of my life
To adore you will be my delight.
You’re beautiful.

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