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Can I stand for women's rights and unborn women's too?
Say that "Black Lives Matter" and should matter in the womb?

Can I stand with LGBTQ folks against hate
but hold different views on sex? Does tolerance go both ways?

Can I be a patriot who loves his countrymen
and has love for immigrants? Recall "we" once were "them".

Can I fight my President on every evil plan
yet rebuke all comments that dehumanize the man?

Can I reason soundly: God created all we see,
then put faith in science to explain it truthfully?

Can I work for human rights, for progress deep and vast,
knowing that, apart from Christ, solutions never last?

Maybe at one question, or a few of these, you balk.
Friend, I love you. Come sit down. I'll listen and you talk.

Published online by Faithfully Magazine.

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